Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lifesaver Exhibit

Welcome to the first online art exhibit from artist, Darren Maurer. The exhibit consists of eight 3" x 3" "Lifesaver" themed original oil paintings on prepared panel. Feel free to scroll down and view the paintings. The paintings will actually go on sale at 6pm tonight. (The email notice invitation said 7:30pm is when the paintings would go on sale but there has been a change in my plans here) There will be Pay Pal buttons installed to reflect the prices shown. Thanks!
The Pay Pal button for each painting is located beneath each painting.
Lifesaver Series is Sold Out.
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Red Lifesaver

Orange Lifesaver - $39.99 + $6.00 shipping

Stacked - $39.99 + $6.00 shipping

Standing Upright


Fresh Off the Roll

Orange Lifesaver #2

Lime Lifesaver

Red on Edge

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oil Painting Exhibit Opening Soon

Welcome to Darren Maurer's Micro-Masterpieces Gallery page.

I am opening a new online blog gallery entitled "Micro-Masterpieces." The name is courtesy of my daughter Emily and is a spin off and addition to my current "Miniature Masterpieces" blog. I think the name is brilliant! The concept for this blog will be original micro-sized 3" x 3" paintings posted in themed groups. Groups of paintings will be posted throughout the month and email invitations will be sent to those on my existing subscription list from my other painting blog. I want it to simulate a gallery opening experience with the paintings available to view and purchase at a listed price of $29.99 to $49.99. If you are interested in a piece, you will just click a "Buy it Now" button to complete the transaction on a first come first serve basis. Although everyone will be welcome to participate, previous buyers and subscribers will be invited to a brief preview period prior to the exhibit becoming available for purchase. This will allow you to view the pieces in anticipation of a purchase. I can imagine people purchasing one painting or a set of them to hang as a group. I am currently working on the first themed group that is entitled "Lifesavers". The paintings are looking good and will be ready later this week. To have your email address added to the subscription list please click HERE and use the name Micro-Masterpieces Subscription in the subject box. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks,
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